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Advanced Search Tool

The advanced search tool allows the user to select a theme and type in a search string. If the search is successful, the results are displayed in the bottom box. These items can be used to zoom to the features location. The bottom left button in the 'Results Box' can be used to zoom to the extent of all features found. The search will only occur on the predefined search field for each theme. This is listed next to the 'Search by field <field_name>'. The 'Add X,Y' and 'Delete X,Y' allows the use to click and add and remove an X,Y coordinate label to the view.

To Use:

Type in the the string you wish to search for in the 'Text Input Box'. Then hit the Enter key or click on the Go button.

This will again only search the predefined field listed in the 'Search by field: <field>' readout. To search using a different field or multiple fields use the 'Advanced Query Button.' To search for any occurrence of a string use the standard ArcView 'Find' routine. This may be found by toggling the 'Advanced Interface' switch in the main dialog.

Special characters that can be used in the search string are '*' and '?'

  • * is replaced by any number of characters.
  • ? is replaced by any single character.

Search Examples for the South Asia CD:
ind => india and indonesia
indi => india
in*s => indonesia
i?d?a => india
i?a => iraq and iran

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