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Global Geographic Information Systems

Global GIS Databases

Datasets included on each volume:

Vector datasets

  • Country Political Boundaries 1Metadata
  • Administrative Boundaries 10 (admin02.shp) Metadata
  • Major Cities 10Metadata
  • City Gazetteer (points) 2    (gaz_pop.shp, gaz_othr.shp*) Metadata
  • Large Urban Areas (polygons) 1  (builtupa.shp*) Metadata
  • Roads 1  (roadtrll.shp*) Metadata
  • Railroads 1  (railrdl.shp*) Metadata
  • Utility Lines 1  (utilityl.shp*) Metadata
  • Airfields 1  (aerofacp.shp*) Metadata
  • Geologic Province 4  (wep_prvg.shp*) Metadata
  • Geologic Age 4  (geo_join.shp*) Metadata
  • Faults 4,10 (faults.shp*) Metadata
  • Ecological Regions 5  (wwf_eco.shp*) Metadata
  • Perennial Rivers 1 (inwatera.shp*) Metadata
  • Small Rivers and Streams 1 (watrcrsl.shp*)   Metadata
  • Springs, Wells, and Dams 1 (inwaterp.shp*) Metadata
  • Drainage Basins 4a (hydro1k_basin.shp*)   Metadata
  • River Basins 8 (river_basins.shp*) Metadata
  • Realtime Streamgaging Stations 4Metadata. Available on DVD only.
  • Volcanoes 6  (volc.shp*)  Metadata
  • Earthquakes 4  (quakes.shp*)  Metadata
  • Ore Deposits 4  (usaa26.shp*)  Metadata
  • US National Oil and Gas Assessment 4  (us1micg.shp*)  Metadata
  • Mineral deposit and metallogenic belt maps of the Russian Far East4 Metadata
  • Mines 4  (masm26.shp*)  Metadata
  • Elevation data 4a  (imagepnt_1.shp*)  Metadata
  • Climate data 7 -Temperature, Precipitation, Potential and Actual Evapotranspiration, Cloud Coverage  (aet,clo,pet,prc,tmp.shp*)  Metadata
  • Climate Monitoring Sites 11  (gsoddata.shp)  Metadata. Available on DVD only.

Raster datasets

  • Shaded Relief 4a#  (??shade.tif)  Metadata. GTOPO30 DEM available on DVD or tiled download for the CDs.
  • Landcover 3,4b  (landcov (grid))  Metadata
  • 12 Greennesss (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) images (one for each month) 4c  (ndvi??_??.tif)  Metadata
  • Population 3#  (??_pop.tif)  Metadata
  • Lights at Night 3  (lights (grid))  Metadata
  • Slope 3  (slope (grid))  Metadata
  • MODIS Blue Marble True-color Satellite Image9,# (ls_topo (grid)) Metadata. Only available on the DVD or tiled download for the CDs.
  • Simulated Earth Image4a,# (earthmap??.tif)) Metadata. Only available on the DVD or tiled download for the CDs.

  1. Vector Map Level 0 (VMAP0) developed by National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA).
  2. NIMA database of foreign geographic feature names.
  3. LandScan Global Population 1998 Database developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).
  4. United States Geological Survey (USGS)
    1. derived from the GTOPO30 data developed at the EROS Data Center
    2. Land Cover Classification (IGBP) based on 1-km Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR)
    3. global change information derived from the AVHRR
  5. World Wildlife Federation Conservation Science Program
  6. Smithsonian Institution
  7. National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection; International Institute for Applied System Analysis
  8. Oregon State University Department of Geosciences, The Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database. Link
  9. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).
  10. Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI)
  11. National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)

*References Filename on Disc: (Where file*.shp Shapefile format, file*.tif Tiff Image format, (grid) ESRI Raster Grid Format).

#Image base was converted from three channel RGB color format to an indexed color format to save space and speed draw time. Thus some slight color variations were made to the file.

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