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Gazetteer: Identification Information

Originator: National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)

Date: 10/24/2002

Title: Worldwide Station List



A complete list of all stations in the dataset, including station number, station name, country/state ID, latitude, longitude, and elevation for the NCDC global surface summary of day data. This dataset is used in the Global GIS volumes to link to an on-line dataset, which displays the NCDC data. Any data that had NULL longitudes or latitudes were removed. The web link will look like http://www.earthscienceworld.org/edata/gsod.html?station=<<stationid>>


NCDC Information:

Global surface summary of day data is produced by the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) in Asheville, NC. The hourly data used in building these daily summaries are obtained from the USAF Climatology Center, located in the Federal Climate Complex with NCDC. The latest week of the daily summary data is placed on line by NCDC for easy access and download by outside users, and is normally available about 4 days after the end of the data week. The on line data files begin with January 1994.


About 8000 stations' data are typically included in the dataset. They are accessible through our WWW server (http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/) or through direct ftp connection. Other periods of the summary of day data (up to 20 years or more) can be obtained off-line from NCDC. Also, the data can be displayed in graphical form using the visualization software on our WWW server. This allows the user to select the country and station(s) of interest, and quickly display the element(s) chosen.


Access Constraints: see Use Constraints

Use Constraints: The following data and products may have conditions placed on their international commercial use. They can be used within the U.S. or for non-commercial international activities without restriction. Re-distribution of these data by others must provide this same notification. A log of IP addresses accessing these data and products will be maintained and may be made available to data providers. For details, please consult: http://www.wmo.ch/web/www/DPS/RA VI WG Commercialization 2001.htm


Ordering Instructions: available online, see online linkage below


Contact Person: phone: 828-271-4800; email:ncdc.info@noaa.gov.

Contact Organization: National Climatic Data Center

Address: 151 Patton Avenue
City: Asheville

State or Province: NC

Postal Code: 28801-5001

Country: USA


Online Linkage. http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/res40.pl?page=gsod.html


Entity and Attribute Information (table heading explanations)

Shape: ArcView file type (gsoddata.shp)


Station Station Id

Name Station Name

Lat latitude

Lon longitude

State state of station (only for the US)

Country country of station

Elevation Elevation in meters of station

Weblink link to current station information