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Global GIS Product Description

Application of GIS in the geosciences has grown explosively over the past few years as scientists and land-use specialists have been able to prepare thematic maps and determine spatial relations among multiple datasets. Although GIS applications hold great potential for most organizations, their availability and application largely have been limited to institutions that can afford and assemble the necessary hardware, software, datasets, and hard-to-find technical expertise. Our approach can provide a good source of data and GIS tools to the community at large.

The USGS has a well-deserved reputation for the collection, interpretation, and distribution of geologic, hydrologic, cartographic, and biologic data. Although the Bureau's mission is primarily domestic in focus, many of the datasets we develop are global. These include the recently released Global Digital Elevation Model (DEM), a wide variety of remotely sensed products, data on world oil, gas, coal, and mineral deposits, biodiversity, and geologic hazards (earthquakes, volcanoes, and landslides).

Virtually all of these datasets are readily available in digital form, either on the Internet or on CD-ROM. However, most of them are stand-alone products, and, even though they are readily available, they often require specialized software access. Very few have been combined into integrated products.

The GIS is built from relatively small scale data (1:1 million scale or 1 Km resolution) and put on seven CD-ROM's organized by regions of the world. Each CD-ROM would integrate data for a given region at a scale of 1:1 million scale and would include a user-friendly GIS viewer. Also a single DVD-ROM will be created that includes all the data with a refined interface.

Combining existing global datasets in this manner enhances the impact of individual data products and make the aggregate product attractive to a larger and more diverse customer base. The Global GIS database is designed to be used with the full version of ArcView 3.0 or higher, or the included free software, ArcView Data Publisher. Each CD will contain a suite of customized ArcView tools specifically designed for the datasets, making it useful for beginners or advanced GIS users. Interface Snapshot

Minimum Requirements:

ArcView Data Publisher 3.1 works in Windows NT 4/2000/XP, or Windows 95/98/ME and requires an industry-standard personal computer with a Pentium microprocessor (or equivalent), at least 24 MB of RAM (64 MB recommended), 34 MB hard disk space (600 MB recommended), and a CDROM reader. For the DVD, a DVD-ROM reader is required and 6.5 gigs of hard disk space is recommended .

Global GIS Products

7 global region volumes and 1 comprehensive DVD volume (listed in order of release)

  1. Central and South America, DDS-62-A (available) cover
  2. Africa, DDS-62-B
  3. South Asia, DDS-62-C (available) cover
  4. South Pacific, DDS-62-D (available) cover
  5. North Eurasia - DDS-62-E (available)
  6. North America - DDS-62-F (available)
  7. Europe - DDS-62-G (available) cover
  8. Complete Global CDROM Set from AGI (available)
  9. Global coverage DVD, DDS-62-H (1 dual layer comprehensive DVD volume) (AGI publication date: 2003) cover

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