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Download datasets not available on all cd releases:

  • USGS MOC_NA high-resolution DEMS.
  • Miscellaneous GIS (removed)
  • Vertical Roughness image (Garvin) - available since version 4.6
  • MOC23 (MSSS originals) - Data from Mapping cycle M23 --- 1 Jan. 2001 through 1 Feb. 2001 in JPEG level2 format with GIS georeferenced world file.

GIS tutorial Found on CD:

Based on the Global GIS tutorials


ESRI has let us release a limited run of their stand alone ArcView Data Publisher for MER investigators. This product allowed us to bundle more than fifty layers of martian data pertinent to landing site selection. It also includes specialized ArcView functions for generating accurate error ellipse and feature information intersected by the ellipse. I would like to thank all the institutions who supplied the datasets which are contained on this cd.

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