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Mars Science Laboratory

Background - Used for Pathfinder

Selection Prosses to Parallel Activities

  1. Define set of landing site constraints based on prelim. S/C design elevation, lat., ellipse size, rock abundance & height, slope, dust
  2. Refine capabilities of spacecraft through testing, modeling & design
  3. Provide mars environmental information to engineers
  4. Map these constraints into potential landing sites on Mars. Use available remote sensing data and models

Must Be Defensible

  • Must survive multiple withering reviews, must be thorough
  • Do everything possible to understand surface properties
  • Factor science objectives of mission into selection of safe sites

Should Be Done in an Open Environment

  • Multiple opportunities for community involvement
  • Open workshops - provide science community input to landing site
  • Also educational opportunities & public outreach

Summary of NASA’s Mars exploration strategy

MEPAG Analysis Reports

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