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Lunar Orbiter Mosaics and Tiles


Description: This Lunar Orbiter global digital mosaic was constructed using data aquired by LO III, IV and V; High- and Medium- Resolution cameras that were projected to Equirectangular projection at 512 pixels/degree (~59.0 meters/pixel). A high pass boxfilter was applied to the individual frames before mosaicking in order to normalize the relative brightness. The results emphasize the high-frequency data by retaining only 10% of the low-frequency brightness variation. For further information, contact Tammy Becker (tbecker at


These tiles are stored in a GIS-ready, 8bit GeoTiff with an embedded Lunar definition of 1737400.0 m radius in a geographic coordinate system at 0.0019 degrees/pixel (512 p/d or ~59m/p). The longitudes are in a -180 to 180 system to keep the near-side centered, although the quads are labeled with using 0 to 360 longitudes. Polar areas are available in geographic (lat/lon) and Polar Stereographic projection.


North polar image in Polar Stereographic projection

LO_22N022 LO_22N067 LO_22N112 LO_22N157 LO_22N202 LO_22N247 LO_22N292 LO_22N337 LO_22S022 LO_22S067 LO_22S112 LO_22S157 LO_22S202 LO_22S247 LO_22S292 LO_22S337 LO_67N045 LO_67N135 LO_67N225 LO_67N315 LO_67S045 LO_67S135 LO_67S225 LO_67S315 Map

South polar image in Polar Stereographic projection


Global Mosaics in geoJpeg2000 format (184320x92160 pixels! - ~17GB uncompressed):




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