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Papers and Presentations

  • Phoenix Special Issue of JGR, Nov 2008: Ultrahigh resolution topographic mapping of Mars with MRO HiRISE stereo images: Meter-scale slopes of candidate Phoenix landing sites, JGR link
  • Phoenix Landing Site Workshop, Jan 2007: Phoenix Landing Site Topomapping Update, presentation (pdf)
  • Phoenix Landing Site Workshop, Nov 2005: Phoenix Landing Site Topography from MOC, presentation (pdf)
  • MER Special Issue of JGR, June 2003: High-Resolution Topomapping Of Candidate Mer Landing Sites With Mars Orbiter Camera Narrow-Angle Images, paper (pdf)
  • MER Landing Site Workshop, Jan 2003: High-Resolution Slope Estimates of MER Landing Sites From MOC-Na Images, presentation (pdf)


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Production of these DTMs was funded by the HiRISE Instrument Team, NASA Planetary Geology & Geophysics, Mars Fundamental Research, and Mars Critical Data Products programs.


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