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Mars GIS Image Bases


Mars Global 1:15


  • USGS Mars Digital Image Mosaic (MDIM 2.1)

    • Jpeg2000 (10:1 compression), Simple Cylindrical, IAU2000 radius
      • Center Longitude = 0 (lonsys=180); 2 Parts: West, East
      • Center Longitude = 180 (lonsys=360); 2 Parts: West, East
    • Jpeg Tiles (main site)
    • GeoTiff Tiles (ftp), Tile locator map

      Click a region below to download GeoTiff tiles. Poles (MC-1 and MC-30) are projected in polar stereographic. All other quads are projected in simple cylindrical. The coordinate system is planetocentric latitude with east longitude.


MC-1,  90N   0E, Mare Boreum MC-30, 90S   0E, Mare AustralE MC-2,  48N 210E, Diacria MC-3,  48N 270E, Arcadia MC-4,  48N 330E, Mare Acidalium MC-5,  48N  30E, Ismenius Lacus MC-6,  48N  90E, Casius MC-7,  48N 150E, Cebrenia MC-8,  15N 203E, Amazonis MC-9,  15N 248E, Tharsis MC-10, 15N 293E, Lunae Palus MC-11, 15N 338E, Oxia Palus MC-12, 15N  23E, Arabia MC-13, 15N  68E, Syrtis Major MC-14, 15N 113E, Amenthes MC-15, 15N 158E, Elysium MC-16, 15S 203E, Memnonia MC-17, 15S 248E, Phoenicis Lacus MC-18, 15S 293E, Coprates MC-19, 15S 338E, Valles Marineris MC-20, 15S  23E, Sinus Sabaeus MC-21, 15S  68E, Iapygia MC-22, 15S 113E, Mare Tyrrhenum MC-23, 15S 158E, Aeolis MC-24, 48S 210E, Phaethontis MC-25, 48S 270E, Thaumasia MC-26, 48S 330E, ArgyrE MC-27, 48S  30E, Noachis MC-28, 48S  90E, Hellas MC-29, 48S 150E, Eridania
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