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Clementine 750nm Mosaics Warped to ULCN2005


Description: These Clementine tiles represent the 750nm channel (UVVIS band 2, Red-Near Infrared) which have been warped using a 6th order polynomial for each 30x30 degree tile to the ULCN2005 control network (example). The polar areas (60 to 90 and -90 to -60 lat) were warped in a polar stereographic projection. They are stored in a GIS-ready, 16bit GeoTiff with an embedded Lunar definition of 1737400.0 m radius in a geographic coordinate system at 0.0033 degrees/pixel (~303 p/d or 100m/p). The longitudes are in a -180 to 180 system to keep the near-side centered, although the quads are labeled with using 0 to 360 longitudes. Polar areas are available in geographic (lat/lon) and Polar Stereographic projection. These 16bit files have the original CORE_BASE of 6.3422227E-08 and CORE_MULTIPLIER of 1.3500004E-04 embedded in the GeoTiff. This allows the file to return to true 32bit I/F values. Updated May 7, 2008.


North polar image in Polar Stereographic projection (60N - 90N lat)

N45_195 N45_225 N45_255 N45_285 N45_315 N45_345 N45_015 N45_045 N45_075 N45_105 N45_135 N45_165 N15_195 N15_225 N15_255 N15_285 N15_315 N15_345 N15_015 N15_045 N15_075 N15_105 N15_135 N15_165 S15_195 S15_225 S15_255 S15_285 S15_315 S15_345 S15_015 S15_045 S15_075 S15_105 S15_135 S15_165 S45_195 S45_225 S45_255 S45_285 S45_315 S45_345 S45_015 S45_045 S45_075 S45_105 S45_135 S45_165 NPOLE SPOLE Map

South polar image in Polar Stereographic projection (60S - 90S lat)


WGET script for downloading all files (copy into a script or batch file)


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