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Mars On-line Maps


Older viewers have been retired.


  • Vector Layers
    • Graticules (5x5 and 30x30 degrees)
    • Nomenclature (hotlinked to Planetary Names site)
    • Craters, uncorrected to MOLA (Barlow) - more
    • Channels, uncorrected to MOLA (Carr) - more
    • Mars Geodesy Control Network (USGS) - more
    • New Mars Global Geologic Map 2014 SIM-3292 (1:20M Scale) - more
    • Northern Plains Geologic Map SIM-2888 (1:15M Scale) - more
    • Global Geologic Map M-1802 A, B, C (1:15M Scale) - more
    • Various mission image footprints (CTX, HiRISE, CRISM, HRSC, MOC, THEMIS, Viking)
  • Basemaps
    • Thermal Emission Spectrometer (TES) layers (ASU) - more
    • Gamma-Ray Spectrometer Elemental Concentration Maps (LPL) - more
    • Magnetic (Goddard) - more
    • Gravity (Goddard) - more
    • THEMIS IR Day/Night Mosaics (ASU 100m/p) - day, night
    • MOC Wide-Angle Mosaic (MSSS 231 m/p) - README
    • Viking Mars Digital Image Mosaic 2.1 (USGS 231 m/p) - README
    • Viking/MOC Mars Colorized (USGS,AMES 231 m/p) Digital Image Mosaic - README
    • MOLA and MOLA Shaded Relief (462 m/p Goddard) - LUT




Viewing Notes:

  • X, Y are in positive East longitudes using a geocentric latitude system
  • Some layers are scale dependant. You will only be able to see them when zoomed in.
  • Measures are geodesically calculated


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